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Signing a Contract


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What is Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notarization allows anyone to connect with a commissioned notary using audio-visual technology over the internet instead of being physically present in the same room to sign and notarize documents from any device entirely online.


Need a document notarized  after business hours from the safety and convenience of your home or office? Or, you are a U.S. citizen living or traveling outside of the country? Signers are able to notarize documents using Remote Online Notarizations from anywhere in the world.

Remote Online Notarization Process

Email Me Your Document: email your document to I will receive your document and upload it to the platform; an invite link will be sent to your email address to connect and meet with the notary.

Provide your identity: Verify your government issued photo ID and/or passport. Take a picture of your government issued ID, answer a few questions, and your identity will be confirmed in seconds. You must have a U.S Social Security Number to complete the KBA process. (NO copies/ electronic copies of IDs will be accepted.)

Make Edits: Once you click the invite link, your document will be uploaded available to be reviewed and make edits if allowed by sender.

Connect with me, your Notary: You must have a webcam or camera with speakers to see and talk with the notary during the online notarization process. We will be connected over live video to sign your document. I will assist you throughout the process and you will sign the document electronically. System works best on a Chrome browser.

Pay and Download your notarized document: Once notarization is complete, you will be prompted to pay for the service and then you are able to download or share your notarized document. Completed notarized document will be stored in your account in case you need it in the future. 

Ready to schedule an appointment? 

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Mobile Notary

What is Mobile or Traveling Notary?

A mobile notary provide notary services at an office, home or another location requested by the signer to notarize document (s).  The signer seeking notary services has the flexibility  to schedule the time and location for their meeting with a notary.  The Notary Public operates without a physical office  for signer's to visit; we come to wherever you are.

Requirements for Mobile Notary Services

  • The person signing the document must appear in person and present a valid ID.

  • Acceptable ID: Valid Driver License, State ID Card, and Green Card with valid ID. (Texas Notary do not accept copies of identification.)

  • Foreign ID are accepted as proof of identity only when notarizing residential real estate transactions.

  • If witness are required, they must be present at the same time and present a valid ID.

  • All documents or forms must remain unsigned as the notary needs to witness their signature. 


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